Q. What is Royal-cash.info?
A. Royal-cash.info is a team of professional traders in forex, currencies, bonds and cryptocurrency trading who know how to grab the profit end of the day and share it among its proud members.
Q. How can I open an account in Royal-cash.info?
A. To open an account with Royal-cash.info, you will need to have a valid email address and a unique password. You will also need a unique username to identify yourself on our website with no requirement to include your real information and name.
Q. How can I Invest in Royal-cash.info?
A. You need to be a registered member of Royal-cash.info family first. After that login to your account and make deposit of your desire plan.
Q. Which e-currencies do you accept?
A. We accept PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Payeer and AdvCash.
Q. How can I withdraw funds?
A. Login to your account and go to withdrawal section.
Q. What is the minimum and maximum amount of withdrawal?
A. Minimum withdrawal is $0.10 and there is no limitation of maximum withdrawals.
Q. After requesting withdrawal, when will I receive it into my e-currency account?
A. All withdrawal request will be processed 4 times in a day as following: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 00.00, 06.00, 12.00, 18.00, however we reserve maximum 24 hours due to any technical issues if faced.
Q. What is the minimum and maximum deposit?
A. The minimum deposit is $10 only and maximum is $30,000.
Q. Can I make an additional deposit?
A. Yes, you can make as many as you want and all deposits will be handled separately.
Q. How many days do you pay in a week?
A. We pay seven days in a week.
Q. Do you have any withdrawal or deposit fees?
A. We do not have any withdrawal or deposit fees.
Q. How can I change my email address?
A. Due to security reason of your account you are not able to change your email address once you are registered. Please write to our support department for further information on it.
Q. Can I deposit from my account balance directly?
A. Yes, for doing that click on make deposit and choose deposit from account balance.
Q. Can I open multiple accounts in Royal-cash.info?
A. The Royal-cash.info will allow multiple accounts due to shared IP address matter but be cautious that one account should not be referred to another to collect referral commission.
Q. What if I can't log into my account because I forgot my password?
A. Click on forgot password, type your username or email address and you will receive your account information in your inbox.
Q. Can I lose money?
A. There is a risk involved with investing in all high yield investment programs. However, there are a few simple ways that can help you to reduce the risk of losing more than you can afford to. First, align your investments with your financial goals, in other words, keep the money you may need for the short-term out of more aggressive investments, reserving those investment funds for the money you intend to raise over the long-term. It's very important for you to know that we are real traders and that we invest members funds on major investments.
Q. Who can participate in affiliate program?
A. Anyone who has an account with us can join our affiliate program and start making money.
Q. What is the Referral Commission do you offer?
A. We offer 4% pure referral commission.
Q. Do I need to have an active deposit to earn referral commission?
A. No, you can earn those 4% without having any active deposit in Royal-cash.info.